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Dynamic Risk Assessment

One of the key methods of keeping anyone safe in a conflict situation is the ability to quickly asses danger or risk instantly. In an ideal world you would have a pre-planned strategy for any situation you are involved in, however life is unpredictable.

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In a dynamic risk assessment the door supervisor or security personnel has to take only one thing into account before making their assessment and that is their safety comes first at all times.

The dynamic risk assessment model i favour most is known as 'SAFER'. Step back, Assess threat, Find help, Evaluate options and Respond.

Step Back

Do not rush into situations, stop, look and listen. Stay calm and make sure you are thinking clearly, instead of just reacting to your situation.

Assess threat

Make yourself aware of the potential threats from the person or people involved. Be aware of any objects in the situation that could be used as a weapon. Assess the place itself for any hazards or danger, this assessment is also referred to as 'POP' which i will go through with you in more depth on the course.

Find Help

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Finding help can be in the form of, other door supervisors, staff, or even sometimes customers. They can act as witnesses or even watch the surroundings while the issue is resolved. Remember the number one factor in a risk assessment is your own personal safety.

Evaluate options

Once you have gone through, in chronological order stepping back, assessing threat and finding help, a number of options will become apparent, i.e. handling the situation, leave and find more help, pass the situation to someone better suited,etc.


Your final action after your full assessment is to respond, but always be prepared to change that response and go through the dynamic risk assessment again.


It might seem a long winded process, but in practice this can take minutes or even seconds, you just have to remember to tick all the boxes, so as to keep you safe.

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