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Physical Intervention

For The Security and Door Supervision Industry

Changes in the Law For Security Personnel

New Legislation requires all door supervisors and Security personal to be qualified in Physical Intervention.

Physical intervention skills may be needed in some workplaces to manage challenging behaviour safely. Maybo's physical intervention skills are based on natural movements that do not rely on strength or aggression. These non-violent skills have been legally and medically reviewed and have earned considerable credibility across different sectors.

This module based training varies from disengagement tactics to more advanced rescue techniques, escorting methods through to holding skills. Throughout the course we will examine:

  • The requirement to use non-physical skills as far as possible
  • The law in relation to 'reasonable force' and 'self defence'
  • The value of assessing a situation before intervening
  • Using physical intervention as a last resort
  • Possible medical implications
  • The potential legal implications of the techniques
  • Disengagement techniques
  • Escorting and guiding skills
  • Holding skills
BIIAB/Maybo Physical Intervention Programme
Conflict Management Courses
BIIAB/Maybo Physical Intervention Programme
Holding Courses
BIIAB/Maybo Physical Intervention Programme
Disengagement Courses

Supporting delegates

Recognised development

All programmes are accredited. Each end user will be issued a Maybo certificate.


All staff will receive individual training records and high quality workbooks. Where more than one programme is undertaken special document wallets are provided to store the materials in.

Rigour and protection

The training offers the underpinning rigour that is behind Maybo programmes. This includes comprehensive medical and legal reviews on the physical interventions. As a licensed organisation we commit to and undertake extensive quality assurance measures, including:

  • Organisational and tutor standards, including relevant qualifications, experience, insurance and operational policies
  • Training delivery development and annual refresher training with assessments
  • Evidencing continuing professional development and working to extensive licence conditions.

Duration: 8 hours

Instructor Qualifications

City & Guilds 7302

City & Guilds Level 3 Certificates for Deliverers of Conflict Management Training (1886)

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health in Conflict Resolution in Personal Safety

First Aid certified by St Johns Ambulance

5th Degree Black Belt

European Bronze Medallist in Self Defence

Accreditation & Certification

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