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Preventing Conflict by resolving blocks in communication

What is Communication

Communication is the process of getting an idea from one head to another. The main model for communication is having a sender, a message and a receiver. Messages can easily be misunderstood due to different experiences of the receiver. When a message is misunderstood by the receiver this is known as 'a breakdown in communication' hence everyone attaches there own meaning to messages whether verbal or non verbal based on their own experiences.

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Blocks in Communication

There are various blocks of communication. Blocks of communication are factors that prevent the intended message from the sender being understood by the receiver. These blocks in communication can be physical of emotional. An example of a physical block in communication can be loud music, breakdown in technology, a disability, proximity etc. An emotional block in communication can be stress, anger, anxiety, cultural difference, etc.

From a door supervisors point of view, it is important to be able to communicate effectively with the general public. Door personnel have several barriers of communication such as intoxicated customers, load music, people talking over one another. As you know, a conflict can erupt if a customer is in despair and feels he is not taken seriously in dealing with an issue that is important to them. I am sure one can come up with numerous, scenarios of where a break in communication can cause conflict and even escalate it into violence.

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How to deal with breaks in communication

To deal with breaks in communication, we need to rethink the old fashioned model of communication, which is still popular today, i.e. the sender / message / receiver model. We can replace that model with a sender, message, receiver, feedback model. This is where the sender confirms understanding after delivering the message. To enable feedback security personnel can back up verbal communication with body language, remove noise barriers by taking customer to a quieter spot, appeal to friends of the customer to reinforce the message and so on.

It is obvious that preventing a situation involves common sense however if we have pre-planned responses to every occurrence the job as security personnel will be one of working auto pilot, than a stressful job of working on your feet all the time. These are some of the strategy's and systems we will teach you to become an effective security personnel and will ensure you have a fantastic time and return home safe every time.

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